I feel like I don’t talk about A Course in Miracles enough for the amount it influences my life and my work, as some find it triggering, despite it’s simple teaching of choosing love over fear. So I hope I can share some of the wisdom, without the rhetoric.

It’s funny that so many of my clients are in their twenties, and I’ve noticed how they often see me as distinctly older than them (I guess I am now, although I often forget!) and somehow wiser. Clients sometimes apologise for being in a ‘good’ place and not having anything to talk about (they always do, and it’s lovely to acknowledge peoples’ progress and work), or being in a ‘bad’ place and spending the whole session upset or ‘moaning’ (actually, they just needed space to feel heard and express their valid feelings).

I never see the session as anything but an opportunity to give and receive. Nothing is ever ‘bad’ or ‘good’, it’s just two people, spending time together in each others’ presence. I remember being told in my training that we as counsellors would learn and gain as much from our clients as they would gain from us. That piece of wisdom has proved absolutely true every time for me.

This idea that you have to ‘earn’ your right to therapy by having experienced something really horrific feels so wrong to me. You earn your right to therapy by wanting to be there, and gaining benefit from being in another’s dedicated presence for 50 mins. There are no prerequisites. There is not someone more ‘deserving’ than you.

If you feel called to sit with me and talk with me, it’s because there’s something I can offer you, that can maybe benefit you. If it’s a good match, it also means I will learn something just as valuable from you. We can then take those gifts and share them with others.

The rest of the lesson in the quote in the image suggests that we try mentally offering peace to those around us today, and test the theory, that the peace we offer, we will receive back immediately. It sounds incredibly simple, and perhaps even naive, and yet, when I imagine sending someone peace, or love, I immediately feel more peaceful within myself.