I could probably write pages and pages about reflection and the best coaching questions, but you’d probably get distracted by mulled wine, pretty twinkly lights and old movies, so I’m keeping this short and sweet (and also totally copied it from a post I shared in my free Facebook Group, Fearless Consciousness, earlier in the week. It’s all happening over there, you should go join 😉 ).

As we so often become wistful at this time of year, I encourage you to get out your journals and ask yourself three things:

*Wait* Did I just say journals?! Yes. This is a fairly new love affair for me. I am normally completely paperless. I have a kindle. I have my phone. I have my laptop and tablet. I do not need a notebook or anything else that once used to be a tree….but oh, I seem to have slipped off the wagon when it comes to journals recently. I’ve always used one, under duress, but preferred to type my way out of trauma. Now I’m realising the true benefits of having my yearly musings, growth and change all logged under one roof, and ‘flickable’. I was a sceptic too, but try it – please <3

So, onwards with the questions…

1. What did I LOVE about this year?

2. What was my most valuable lesson? (please phrase this in a positive way e.g. ‘I healed the part of myself that felt I wasn’t worthy of love’, rather than ‘all men are lying cheating d*&ks” 😉 )

3. What have been my GREATEST achievements?

Congratulate yourself – this year has been a success, whether you see it now or not. You HAVE grown. You HAVE learned. You HAVE survived. Now let’s turn 2017 into the best yet 🙂

For those who celebrate, Happy Christmas or Happy Holidays. Relax, enjoy and be merry. For those who don’t, find a way to celebrate life, relax, enjoy and be merry! I wish you all so very many blessings and happiness in 2017 and always <3