Ever thought, ‘OK – I’ve finally learned the lesson. I’m not going to let that happen again.’ Only to have the same trigger or experience show up again?

There is a time lag between our thoughts and form creation. This is wonderful because it gives us chance to change our thinking. However, sometimes these fearful thoughts create fearful / triggering experiences somewhere on our future timeline, which can show up AFTER we’ve corrected our thinking.

It’s not that we did it wrong, or we haven’t healed, it’s just an effect of our old thinking showing up. Our world of form is still detoxing from the old thinking so we might still experience some of the effects but that doesn’t mean we haven’t healed or moved on.

This is an opportunity to remember that we’ve healed, and this isn’t a sign that there’s no hope and we haven’t figured it out and we’re destined to be triggered or have these experiences forever, it’s simply an opportunity to catch ourselves, and stay with the new thinking (love over fear).

Recognising that the trigger is just the result of an old thinking pattern, we can choose how we want to respond to it. We can choose to affirm that we’re not good and the world is no good and everything is bad, or we can see it as a simple result of cause and effect and trust there is more good coming because of the healed (loving) thoughts we’ve been thinking since then.

Robin Duncan describes this as the Timeline of Thought, and I have found it really helpful so I hope it helps you too!