Big changes require growth.

They require loss.

You must let go of something, someone, some sense of security: of knowing, in order to create the void that will allow the new stuff in.

The void is not a fun place to be.
To let go, knowing there are no guarantees, that takes trust.

And things will often not turn out as you had planned, and this is where you dig deep, learn what you can, and let go to create another void.

This process doesn’t end with a number in the bank or your dream job offer….we are evolving beings, and so we must continue to create space to evolve and grow.
The moment you feel stagnant, the moment you feel like your happiness is not all consuming, this is the moment to pause, and look at what you can release in order to expand into something better.

It is your right to receive all the abundance and happiness in the world. You just have to allow it in

Photo taken at: Wales

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