Do you remember the last time you really felt part of something? Not on the outskirts looking in, wondering how best to get properly involved but right in the midst of it all, integral to a movement bigger than yourself?

When did you last feel supported? That there was somewhere to go where people understood what you were trying to achieve and didn’t tell you to be careful, or look at the bigger picture, or that it was wishful thinking?

*Big Deep Breath*

The last time I truly felt like that was in 2009, when I completed my yoga teacher training with 8 other people and our wonderful teacher. That process was one of the most transformational of my life. I never thought I’d actually do it, but I’m so pleased I did.

Since then I’ve been a part of lots of different things; I’ve done my hypnotherapy and counselling training, worked in different companies and environments, but nothing quite matched the high I felt every time I was around my fellow yogis. Don’t get me wrong – every one I’ve met along the way has been great, but maybe not quite understanding of what I was trying to achieve.

When I work with clients one on one, it’s amazing because it’s intimate and personal. There’s only one person you need to be honest with so you can work deeply on the issues that you want to work on. However, you miss that feeling of increased support and community that comes from being part of a bigger group.

So, where does Sam, my gorgeous Scottie dog come in to this?!

When I went back to my childhood home for Easter the other week, I saw my dog for the first time since Christmas. I always miss him and love spending time watching him and my parents’ dogs interacting when I’m home. The have a Jack Russell (with MASSIVE small man syndrome) and two beautiful black labradors.

Anyway, my parents live on a small holding so the dogs do a good job of alerting them whenever anyone comes up the lane to their house. Whenever Sam heard anything he would immediately look for the other dogs and start barking and jumping around. My mum would go to the front door to let them out and Sam would be barking and jumping up and down and winding the other dogs up from their docile, ‘What there’s someone here, oh…OK….zzzzzz’ to a right state, looking like he was desperate to go outside.

When my mum opened the door to let them out. Sam stepped back. He kept barking but made the other dogs go out first, then he’d run out after them continuing to bark encouragingly with his tail wagging away.

There are two things you can learn from Sam:

  1. All the dogs are very badly behaved.
  2. It’s amazing how much energy and excitement you can achieve when you have a bit of encouragement.

Watching Sam and the way he supported and encouraged the other dogs to do their duty and protect the home inspired me. It reminded me how I felt back in 2009 when I could share my hopes and dreams and the (very) little progress I had made and feel supported and understood. I was able to pick my friends brains, ask for advise from those further along the road and encourage those a little way behind me.

We bonded over coffee and stories, the good, the bad, tears and laughter. Some of these people are doing the same things they were doing in 2009, just better and some have emigrated and started new lives following their hearts and talents.

Over the past few weeks you’ve heard me talk about a community I am setting up for people like you. Well, today it’s ready 🙂

You need this community in your life if:

  • You have a dream but have no idea how to achieve it, or you’ve started but keep getting stuck and don’t know where to go next and would like some help from others to help you figure out your options.
  • You want to do something or be someone but the people in your life don’t understand (not their fault, you’re just in a different place) and would love to be able to be completely honest about your dreams in a safe and supportive environment.
  • You keep getting disheartened and feel like you’re not making progress fast enough (there isn’t a time limit honey).
  • You want to make new friends who think like you do.
  • You need a bit of a cheerleading squad to keep you motivated, and you’re willing to cheer for other people in return.

This community is not your bag if:

  • You just want somewhere to moan and complain and aren’t ready to listen to advice which might actually help you.
  • You’re only in it for what you can get and aren’t interested in encouraging others.
  • You’re already living your dreams and don’t need any support (however, if you are living your dream and still want to help, contact me – I may have something else for you 😉 )
  • You have a tendency to be mean and unsupportive

OK, if you’re still reading that means you ticked the ‘need’ boxes above – great news!

I’ve set up the community in Google+. Why not Facebook? Well, I like Facebook but Google+ seems slicker and easier to use and links up with some amazing people and communities. If you’re new to Google+, it’s Google’s answer to Facebook, but much more open and designed more for open communication and collaboration. Posts are not statuses but almost mini blog posts and, whilst you can choose to share stuff just with people in your ‘circles’ (friends, colleagues, etc), many people post publicly so there’s a wealth of information on there.

How to get involved:

  1. Log in to Google+. If you have a Gmail or Google Drive account then it’s the same, if not, take two minutes to sign up. It’s completely free and you don’t have to use your Gmail email address, calendar or Drive if you don’t want to (they are awesome though).
  2. Search for ‘Make a Change & Follow Your Dreams’ or go here.
  3. Click on the link that comes up and click ‘Join this community’ at the top of the page.
  4. That’s it – you’re in!
  5. You now have free reign to read the Welcome note (right hand side, under ‘Welcome’) which will let you know how it all works with some questions you can choose to answer by way of an intro to the group.
  6. I’ll be there every step of the way to help and encourage you and the rest of the community can comment and help you as well as you helping them.

So that’s it – community launched!! Come by and say hello – I’d love to meet you!

Have an amazeballs Sunday and if you’re watching (or running – get you!) the London Marathon, it’s a great day for it.