Sometimes, life does not show up according to the timeline we set for it. Sometimes life does entirely it’s own thing and we’re left thinking, ‘Wtf?!’.

In these moments when I notice myself resisting what is, thinking it should be something else, I have to laugh. Oh. I’ve done it again. I’ve wasted energy getting annoyed because things aren’t going to plan, when I could have just leaned in and flowed.

Sometimes it takes a while for me to get back in flow with life. Sometimes I think I need a reset or a pause to resync. That is a misperception. We don’t need more time to ‘fix’ something. We need to make a decision to lean in and flow. To be gentle, set our intentions and choose our actions based on what feels most loving in that moment.

Today seems as good a day as any to lean in. It’s sunny and warm here in Portugal, I get to spend my breaks at the beach, its a full moon and I have some beautiful events to attend over the next couple of days. However you may have been feeling, you get to choose again.