Big statement no?

This morning I woke up and before I’d done anything, I stretched, closed my eyes and gave thanks for being so blessed. I then meditated and waited for the intuition to hit to guide my day.

From whatever and wherever, I felt something inside me stir and I knew what I wanted to write about today.

You might find all the above a little ‘cray cray’ as my dear New Yorker friend, Erin, would say, and if so, that’s totally OK. The majority of us were taught that this is a material world and to get on in life you have to work hard and tow the line, whether that be following in your family’s footsteps, being the first in your family to go to college, starting at the bottom and working your way up or meeting a nice guy, settling down, getting married and having 2.4 kids by the time you’re thirty-three and a half.

We learn that we have to be good people. That ‘good people’ means putting others’ needs before our own, buying bigger and bigger presents on birthdays and holidays, not spending the extra hour in bed because you promised a friend you’d go dress shopping with her and breaking your diet because it’s 9pm on a Saturday night and goddammit – you love Haagen Dazs more than you love yourself.

We also learn that, on the other hand, it’s OK to get caught up in the material world. Why shouldn’t we buy those nice shoes or go out and obliterate our bad week at work with a bottle or two of Prosecco and do our very best not to fall over our heels on the way home, only to wake up in a state of what can only be described as DYING the next day, thus forcing yourself to cancel plans for afore mentioned dress buying and live with the guilt all day, or walk around shop after shop just waiting for the nausea and headache to die down.

And when the headache dies down, or we get those two minutes respite from the world in the moments between our head hitting the pillow and falling in to a restless sleep, we wonder if there’s something better; if there’s something that could fill the gnawing hole that just won’t be filled no matter how ‘good’ we are or how many cute shoes we have or how high powered the job title is on our business cards.

Well I wouldn’t be writing this post if there wasn’t.

We are reaching what many Sages have described throughout history as a Critical Mass (they even predicted when it was going to happen – freakily!). This isn’t anything to do with a super important Catholic church meeting but actually describes a minimum number of people across the globe who need to wake up to their own spirituality and interconnectedness in order to generate complete world change.

Again – if Cray Cray pops up, take a deep breath and move on, learn mindfulness and yoga and come back when you are inspired to.

The hole or the gap you’re feeling in your life between being happy on the outside and happy on the inside comes down to this – you need to get hooked up.

The majority of the time, we have no idea what we want on our own, because everything has been so overlaid with years of learning and expectations. In order to find what’s really going to make us happy, we need to strip that away and follow something deeper and untainted by what’s going on outside.

When we tap in to our intuition, we allow ourselves to tune in to a universal and interconnected energy. It gives us purpose and guides us to whatever it is we need at that time in order to grow and become more comfortable and happy with ourselves.

You might be thinking that it’s crazy to think we don’t actually know what we want and by somehow tapping in to some mysterious intuition we find the answers to all of our problems and it’s just as simple as that, but it actually is.

Have you ever met someone who seems totally serene, despite perhaps going through all sorts of terrible things? Or someone who always seems to find a silver lining despite everything? If you haven’t, look up some YouTube clips of the Dalai Lama speaking of Eckhart Tolle. That peace hasn’t come from external sources, it’s come from their intuition and connection to the universal energy, allowing them to feel like their lives are flowing and they are doing what they are supposed to be doing and a deep sense of KNOWING what makes them happy.

Now I’m not saying we’re all going to end up like the Dalai Lama, because that’s taken years of dedication to a spiritual path, but if that is your path it’s entirely possible. Otherwise, just by getting to know your intuition a little better and listening to it more, you will find yourself guided to different choices, people and experiences that you might not have done before. Knowing that you’re in flow with your life’s purpose and not having to worry about what you’re supposed to be doing gives you that sense of completeness and happiness which is impossible to fake.

There’s no big secret to how to do this – meditate, ask, listen. Find time to be still.

I actually created a video to take you through a short meditation to help with this so have a watch and please share any feelings or questions in the comments below!


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