I’ve been that person. The one stood in line at the grocery store, or waiting to pay for their coffee, fighting back tears that for one inexplicable reason or another have chosen just that moment to burst forth from the wonderful box they had been held in so tightly, for hopefully just long enough to act like a ‘normal’ person until they got back home and could fall apart again.

Sometimes our emotions show us our humanity. They show us when others are in pain, when the gesture of offering a tissue or a hug reconnects one human to another. A Course in Miracles calls that the miracle. I call it love.

That person who didn’t smile back, that person who snapped when they could have been gracious, that person who didn’t spot you in the crowd and wave hello, maybe they are just trying to hold it all together. Maybe that person is you.

We are all making it through. And we ARE all making it through. We are here. We have countless opportunities to reach out, to connect, to communicate. This is my invitation to you, and myself, to do it more. You never know what difference it could make.