There’s a thinking in ACIM that if we attack or judge another, in any way, we essentially end up attacking ourselves, and feeling whatever we projected out, like a boomerang. The judger always feels judged, the rejector always feels rejected, the attacker always feels attacked….likewise, the lover always feels loved (I like this part the best!).

There have been times where I have felt attacked, and rejected, and judged. It sucked and I could easily have got stuck in it. Years ago I would have. I would have blamed other people, made myself the victim and justified my upset and my anger. I did, many times, before I learned a better way.

If you’re feeling like that, I can empathise. It’s important to acknowledge and own all those feelings and let them out in some way. AND, then, there is another way.

When I’m finished with feeling rubbish and playing the blame game: justifying my experience, or another person’s actions, or why I am entitled to feel a certain way about a situation, I remember that I can choose to really look at where I am deciding to judge, blame, attack, condemn, reject and shame others. If I can stop doing that, I feel better. Every. Time. I get vigilant, I get honest, and I choose love and compassion instead.

We have two choices in every situation. We can choose to attack, condemn or judge, or we can choose love. This doesn’t have to have anything to do with anyone else and doesn’t mean we let ourselves get abused or walked over, but it does mean we stop our own attack thoughts, and give ourselves the gift of peace.

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