Sometimes, it’s just a case of recognising that there isn’t anyone to blame. Everyone did their best. Sometimes the best doesn’t seem good enough, but it was everything they could give at the time. It was everything you could give at the time.

And maybe that doesn’t make sense, maybe you feel there was something extra that could have been done, and you can’t think for the life of you why you, or they, didn’t do it. Perhaps there just wasn’t enough love there?

So what’s your answer? To fight ‘not enough love’ with the withdrawal of love? To punish yourself or them because if there wasn’t enough love then, less love is definitely going to make things better in the future?

Or perhaps, we can admit that we just don’t know, why it happened the way it did, but that there’s an opportunity to recognise that there IS a need for MORE love, and less judgement. Can we give ourselves, or them, that gift? Can we honour whoever got hurt the first time around by that lack of love, by showing compassion and forgiveness this time?

Can we be open to the possibility that the answer to a lack of love is more love, not less?

This is my invitation, and my desire for us all, to allow more kindness into our lives, and to be as careful as we can be with our egos, and our words, to be kind to each other

Photo taken at: SAL ROSA

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