I felt as though I *should* write today, then scolded myself for ‘shoulding’ on myself. So I just begun this whole pain cycle of having a belief contradict what felt in alignment for me (I should be writing but I don’t feel inspired to), then, to add some salt to the little scratch of inner conflict, I decided to beat myself up for it….just to make sure I really opened the wound and kept my belief in separateness good and strong.

We are all the parts. They all make up ‘us’. We encompass everything. The strong and the weak, good and bad. The moment we create a belief around who we should be, or how the world should be, is the moment we reject the other aspects of that continuum, and create inner conflict that shows up as low self esteem, depression, anxiety and self sabotaging behaviours like addiction.

The moment we can identify the pattern, and call it out, is the moment we can choose to stay present: to notice the uncomfortableness of having an ego need go unmet, and choose how to proceed, with consciousness and a respect for our own integrity.

INTRGRITY: “the state of being whole and undivided.” And in working through this conflict, I realise the irony in that I became inspired to write!

P.S. if you would love to start accepting and loving yourself and letting go of any of the things I mention above, please click here and let’s work together

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