What seems like forever ago now, I followed my intuition and quit my career job to follow my coaching path fully and authentically. At the time it felt entirely right and, whilst I was sad to leave my colleagues and friends, I was also super excited to have the time to dedicate to my purpose and mission.

It wasn’t long though before the doubts started to creep in. Not in a big way, because I was prepared for them, but odd thoughts popped in to my head – What if I don’t make money? What if I get bored? What if I’m not good enough?

These are really common thoughts for everyone – making ‘enough’ money, being inspired and being good enough. Most people stumble upon these worries from time to time. The wonderful thing is that these aren’t worries you have to concern yourself with if you follow one golden rule.

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I’d prepped myself for quitting my job. Perhaps not in the traditional way (I’d just spent all my savings on a business coach and new website), but spiritually and mentally. I didn’t go and talk to my boss until I was utterly sure there was no other option. This is what people mean when they say they were called to do something. It’s awesome because it’s like all the choice is taken out of your hands and all you have to do is say yes and go with the flow.

Because I’d waited until I was called to make my decision (and by that I mean the thought kept popping up in to my head and it felt so right it was like there was no other option), I knew that I was in flow with the universe, so all the other little doubts were just my ego trying to keep me safe by making me fearful of the future. When you know fear isn’t real, and it never is, because it’s anxiety over something that hasn’t happened yet, you can stop it in its tracks.

I learned an awesome trick from Gabrielle Bernstein that sounds super simple to do, and it is, but it’s also really effective for getting rid of those ego fears. 

1. Awareness is key – become very aware of what you’re thinking. If you’re not feeling calm and happy and excited and all those good things, ask yourself why – there’s probably a fear thought in there somewhere.

2. Say to yourself that you forgive yourself – or, if that’s too difficult, that you’re open to forgiving yourself. I know, sounds silly but it works!

3. Say to yourself, ‘I choose to see this differently’.

That’s it! You don’t have to figure out how you want to see things differently, you just have to be open and trusting. It’s not an instant fix but if you stick with it you’ll see those fear thoughts fall away.

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