I’m feeling incredibly grateful today, not just because I’m being given more and more evidence that if I just surrender, get out of my own way and stop trying to control the ‘how’, everything I need will be provided for me, but also because SO many of my clients have, completely unprompted, started asking me about metaphysics, the law of attraction, A Course In Miracles, spirituality, psychedelics for mental health and all the other things I am super passionate about practising and learning about.

I work with people from all backgrounds and beliefs, and love supporting people where they are, without any need to try to influence them. Many of my clients who don’t follow me on social media have no idea of my interests and beliefs. So I absolutely love it when I get a sign from the Universe that more people are tuning into how much better it feels to lead with love, rather than fear, and are being guided to their own tools and resources to help them with that path, outside of our work together

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