Are you seeing the soul, or the ego?

Whenever we feel judged by someone, it’s either a mirror for us, or fear coming up for them. I realised today that sometimes I’m interacting with a person’s ego, rather than their soul.

Whenever an interaction doesn’t feel good for you, train yourself to check in – is your ego talking, or your soul? Are you responding to the needs of their ego, or to their soul’s?

Souls want love and peace and happiness for everyone. Egos are selfish and scared and defensive.

Souls see that we are all connected and can unite in love. Egos see themselves as separate and alone.

Souls want to bring us together. Egos want to keep us apart.

Souls are compassionate. Egos only see what they think will serve them.

Shift your focus. Look for the soul. When you interact from a soul level, that connection will give you the moments of happiness, love and completeness your ego craves but doesn’t know how to get

Photo taken at: Pulukan, Bali, Indonesia

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