I live in a smaller world than I did. My world full of travel and culture and freedom has shrunk to the same four walls and routine.

I’m one of the lucky ones. I’m healthy. I live with space and family and am surrounded by beauty. I am grateful that I get to work and build and live.

Yet it’s a very different sort of living to what I was doing before. I imagine it is for most people. We are resilient, and adaptable, and we will do what we need to in order to survive.

Life looks different. It’s OK to grieve the loss, to wonder about the future, and hope for a better tomorrow. It’s OK to talk, ask for support, and share love with your fellow humans. It might look different, but the love is the same, and we all need it.

I am currently fully booked, working with people who can afford to pay for a private therapist. It doesn’t go unnoticed that if I’m fully booked working with the privileged, how many others are suffering without access to that same support? Let’s look after our loved ones, and those on the edges of our circles who may be OK, and may not be. We can show our love for each other. We can laugh and joke and enjoy the fact that we are alive, together. We can bring each other closer, and lift each other up.