She was so tired of her own mind creating problems. So tired of making meaning of things, and holding onto judgements so she could remain frustrated and annoyed with others and the environment. What good did it do her? Was it helpful for her to continue to hold so tightly to her righteous indignation of the arbitrary concepts of right and wrong?

And of course, the answer was no. So what was she to do, with the judgements and the opinions and the righteous indignation, except let them go?

To be in the moment, in breathing out without the heaviness of holding on to something which caused her only pain, she felt peace. In the release of the contraction, there was the space she’d been trying to create through force and pushing and the changing of things that are, how they are.

In the space, she realised the peace was there all along, and felt grateful for the annoyance that allowed her to find it

Photo taken at: Portugal

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