What is the Reticular Activating System?

A bundle of nerves in your brain which controls the filtration of external stimuli and can influence your feelings and behaviour as a result.

Part of it’s role is to let in stuff that supports your beliefs in order to avoid internal conflict and filters out anything which conflicts with your beliefs.

If you have an old belief that you’re not good enough, for example, this is why you’ll ignore the ten people telling you how great you are, but go home crying about the person that maybe gave you side eye on the bus.

We can train our system to change those beliefs using tools like conscious language to bypass the RAS.

Part of my work involves helping my clients feel empowered to make changes in their lives themselves, by understanding their systems and how they can work WITH their brains and parts, rather than fighting against them.

Understanding the basic principles of the RAS is one such aspect of this learning, and with that we can go through different tools to help you make conscious choices for yourself.

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