I’m on the first weekend of a training for me to learn how to facilitate therapeutic groups. Understandably a big part of this training is around group dynamics and becoming really aware of our own processes and how we all affect each other.

Reflecting on this and how as always, life is beautifully synchronised in favour of our letting go of fear and allowing more love, I am very aware of how we need relationships in order to understand ourselves. I’ve spent a lot of time alone in reflection and whilst I’ve learned so much, it is only when I’m back interacting with people, and particularly with family and in intimate relationships, that I really see what still needs to be healed.

I am seeing more and more that we require a balance of time alone and time in relationship in order to practice and see what’s come up and continue to support each other and grow. Some relationships are for a season, but some are longer term, shape-shifting and adapting as you both grow and deepen.

If you are able to show up in relationship and own your processes, choosing to be in conscious partnership with people who are able to do the same can profoundly support everyone’s healing, growth and joy. I am so grateful for the people who are choosing to show up (and who are coming in or getting ready to show up) and do this work in partnership with me and allow me to be human and flawed and grow with them, whilst I do the same for them.