Well Hello!

So it’s been a while since I gave away anything from my therapy toolbox so I figured I needed to change that. Not only am I giving away one of my favourite tools for changing your perspective and feeling good about your next steps, I’m also offering to give you personalised feedback and further questions to explore if you want to submit your form online (just drop me an email to say you’d like feedback once you’ve sent it). It’s completely free with no obligation.

One of the keys to being happy and living a life without regrets is figuring out what it is that is going to do that. Too often we try to solve our problems by focusing on what we’re doing wrong, rather than on what we’re doing right.

The questionnaire I designed below takes you through things step by step and asks you to look at your life from a different perspective to perhaps how you have been looking at it. It can be used for any problem but please bear in mind that it is not a substitute for proper medical care – if you think you need this please go and see you doctor (disclaimer out-of-the-way!).

You can print the form off and keep it just for you or complete it and submit it to me online by clicking send. If you choose to submit it all your answers will be kept completely confidential in my ‘locked drawer’ (it’s online so there’s not really a locked drawer, but it is secure) and I can give you personalised feedback.

I’d love to know what you think and for this to help as many people as possible so please feel free to leave a comment and share this post 🙂