Today I took a full day off to go exploring parts of Portugal I hadn’t seen, and be fully present to the experience.

It’s been an old habit that part of my mind is always on my work, my clients, my to do list. I love all these things, however, they have their own dedicated time.

It’s been a challenge for me to learn to stay present to what’s happening now, and fully integrate the experience. It used to be a way of regulating contact – keeping a safe distance from things and people in my life, before I learned to feel safe independently of whatever situation I found myself in.

Today (and many times), I chose to make a consistent effort to be present, even when my mind wanted to pull me away, and really enjoy each moment. It’s ok that some work didn’t get done, it’ll get done when it needs to.

Where do you live? Here, now? How much do you fully experience each precious moment of your life?

Photo taken at: Old Town – Albufeira – Algarve

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