Because it came down to this….where did she feel light? Where was the fun? What happened when she let go of her expectations and need to control, and instead treated life as the game it was – her own playground full of experiments and things to learn from.

It didn’t have to be as serious as she’d once thought. She didn’t have to have all the answers before she’d even figured out the questions. She could play. She could play on the edges of her comfort zone and see what landed, and what wasn’t for her. No Big Deal. If something didn’t fit, or wasn’t aligned, or she made a mis-take, she could take what she’d learned and course-correct. It was her choice to create drama or ill-feeling, or instead choose the lighter option. Life was her playground. Nothing was irreversible. Everything could be decided on the lightness of the feeling it gave her. She was the master of her fate.

How would it change things if you started treating life as a playground with a series of experiments to see what you liked and what you didn’t? Instead of coming up with all the reasons why that isn’t practical, why not do your own experiment and try it for a bit? 📸 Tilly c. 2015

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