Our egos are programmed to find something wrong. Whether it be the body part we don’t love when we’re on the beach, the place we live, how appreciated we feel at work or a relationship that just won’t seem to heal, no matter how much work you do on it.

Our egos are programmed to look for risks, to worry, to protect us from all the threats we have learned exist in this world.

It is our job to consciously counteract that.

It is our job to compassionately listen to the parts of us which feel scared, threatened or not good enough, and find out what we can offer them to make them feel safe [hint: unconditional love is ALWAYS going to help].

It is then our job to consciously focus our awareness on love. To give freely, love unconditionally, find beauty in our every day and gratitude for the moments of kindness we experience and are able to share.

[Sometimes capturing those less than perfect, got up at 6am to watch the dawn surf without brushing my teeth or hair vibes need to be captured, to remember just how wonderful life can be when we create from love instead of fear]