I’m going to say this quickly, in the hope that it will sink in more powerfully. If you’re setting intentions, wanting to make changes, wishing your life was different, feeling ready to uplevel or what ever else, the one thing most of us miss, is commitment.


It’s funny that we think because we’re spiritual, and we’ve read the secret, that we can just have a quick visualisation and our new life will unfold before us. I’m sorry, that just doesn’t happen. It can happen, with ease and grace, but only with dedicated commitment to our visions, hopes, dreams and soul desires. We have to embody the feelings we want and we have to make a full and uncensored commitment to do the work required to get there. Sometimes that takes the form of clearing unconscious beliefs, blocks or patterns, sometimes it’s about bringing more presence into our lives and sometimes it’s about forgiving the past so we can look forward.

Without solid commitment and belief in our visions and goals, they won’t happen. We co-create our existence with the universe. There has to be inspired action for there to be results. This is me, lovingly and compassionately hitting a nerve and letting you know that if you want change, you have to be committed to making it happen. You have to give your all, and trust that you will be supported.

I’m taking a small group of beautiful women through this process in a 121 coaching format over the next three months, starting January 9th. If you’d like the dedicated support to get really clear on who you are, what you want and don’t want and clear out any blocks to you fully being able to step into who you’re truly meant to be, then reply to this email asap and book yourself in for a chat with me this week <3