Peaceful. Frown lines softened.

I’m feeling clearer today than I have all the last week. I got myself caught up in a fog of judgement. Judging myself, and judging others.
I found myself complaining, wondering why I was feeling uncomfortable. I kept asking myself what I was being asked to receive, never realising that the lesson was judgement.
Even when I tried to be present, I found myself caught up in stories about my worth, my desires, what I deserved from another person and what it all meant.
I was trying so hard to be a good spiritual person and teacher, I forgot to be me. I forgot that sometimes it’s not that complicated and that pretty much always, if it doesn’t feel good, it isn’t.
There is no need to be a martyr. We don’t need to force ourselves through pain because we think there’s going to be some spiritual moral to the story. If we need to learn something, it’ll happen.
In Thai yoga massage (another of my many random skills 😂), they talk about ‘jap di’ (not spelt correctly) – good pain. Same in yoga. You know when a stretch feels good and when it’s doing damage. We need to use that same discernment in our relationships, businesses and environments.

I was holding on to something and judging myself and others in the process. That wasn’t a good stretch. The lesson was in the release. Letting go of that judgement, as much as I wanted it to be something more, that was the lesson for me this time

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