Om Namah Shivaya – I bow to Lord Shiva or I bow to my True Self.

I love when I get signs from the Universe. Back when I completed my yoga teacher training in 2009, my teacher suggested I choose a mantra I resonated with to incorporate into my practice.
Without even knowing the meaning, I picked this one. I looked up the meaning and liked it, and practised with it for many hours. Then, as often happens, life shifts and it’s been a long time since I’ve thought of ‘my’ mantra.

Last night in meditation, I asked how I could best support myself and all the people who’ve applied or are thinking of applying for the True You Collective. The answer I received was to go back to this mantra.

I looked up the meaning again this morning and felt my soul light up as I recognised the clear link – the True You Collective, supported by a mantra bowing to my True Self – the self of all that is.

Never doubt how much you are being supported in any moment.

You are ALWAYS being supported. Even in the darkest moments, know that there is someone or something out there caring about you and how you feel, and holding space for you as you feel what you need to feel.

Sometimes support looks like someone coming into your life and offering to help, sometimes it’s a feeling, or a nudge to go somewhere, reach out to someone, join a group or open up to a friend. Trust yourself and the intuitive hits you receive. This is your support manifesting itself for you.

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