You are not responsible for how people receive you.
You are responsible for your intention and energy you project towards others.

There is a balance between co-dependency (people pleasing, worrying about how to keep everyone happy and giving others power over how you feel [they made me feel that way]) and individualism (F the world – I’ll do what I like and no-one can make me feel or do anything I don’t want).

Some might call that space interdependence – an awareness of how our actions impact others whilst knowing that we are most useful to everyone including ourselves when we honour our authenticity and our needs and act in integrity with ourselves.

I think of it more simply as kindness, compassion and loving intention. If I honour myself, if I am kind to myself, and hold a loving intention for my interactions with others, I have done my part. I have taken responsibility for all that I can, and I have also honoured and respected the other person, creating the space for them to receive me how they choose, and take responsibility for themselves in the process.