I’m not going to lie. Looking at apartments this week in Italy got me all kinds of anxious.
I want new energy and good coffee and to be close to my friends…. And…. I want travel and new people and to chase the sun’s warmth around the globe.

The paradox between freedom and stability has had my insides in crazy conflict this week. I want both. I want it all. And I know there’s a balance if I can just release my own agenda and surrender to the flow of what life has in store for me.

We place ourselves inside man-made prisons with our thoughts.
I’m no less free in Italy than I am in Wales.
I can find home wherever I am in the world because home is in my heart.
I can have a support system wherever I am if I choose to see and connect with the people around me.
Meaningful connection with another human being is not time or location dependent.
I don’t have to be in one place for a given period of time to find love. It can happen in a second, or in a year.

We are not “behind”. There’s no schedule for our precious lives. It’s ours. Use each moment to lean towards happiness and find some space in the inbetween

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