I’ve done another vlog (yey!).

No really, I don’t much care for them myself but I know you all like to see who’s talking to you so I’ve chatted on for a bit in front of the camera this time around.

It’s a little long winded because I’m not as good at talking to a computer as I am at writing on one so you may have to bear with me a bit.

For the impatient ones among us (yep – that would be me too), I’ve written a little summary:

MASSIVE Action – Taking real, tangible action i.e. not just skirting around the outside of your dreams but getting in there and getting your hands dirty. You gotta throw the ball with all you got and make sure you get some traction (taking inspiration from one of my best friend’s little boy, Huw).

Conversion architecture for the real world – Write down what you want. At the other side of the page write down what you’re doing to get there. Write down everything you do day to day and ask yourself how what you’re doing is going to help you attain that goal. If it’s not, why are you doing it? Strike it…now.

P.S. Massages count as relaxation enabling you to clear your mind to allow you to focus better on your work. Chocolate works the same way.

Hypnotherapy – it’s here, it’s big and it’s not corny or scary or mind control or any of the other rubbishy things you’ve heard. Check out the hypnotherapy page and get over your issues with me!


MASSIVE Action & How to get the guts to do it! from Emma Brooke on Vimeo.