Perhaps there’s an argument that putting a band aid (plaster for the Brits amongst us) on a wound won’t fix anything. It will simply give the wearer the ability to pretend everything is OK and allow them to mask their feelings and pain.

This is absolutely true. We often use things like exercise, food, s€x, relationships and spiritual bypassing in an attempt to avoid dealing with our feelings. It works, but it’s temporary.

However, I want to offer an alternative to waging all out war on the wound without a band aid. There is an option to allow the band aid in a way that supports healing. That’s what it was made for after all. If you are able to accept support and care, to allow yourself the benefits and pleasure of exercise, good food, love etc, whilst still looking at and tending to your wounds, you can actually support and speed up healing.

You do not have to martyr yourself for the sake of your wounds. There is no prize for finding the hardest way through. If you are able to allow yourself to receive the small pleasures and support available they can act as a buffer between the world and your wounds and give you the space, hope and opportunity to heal more easily.