The article below was written by me in 2011. It’s been sat in my drafts since then, gathering digital dust because I didn’t think it ‘went’ with my website or the hypnotherapy.

Those who visit often know I overhauled the site a few weeks ago because I didn’t feel I was doing or writing about what I was supposed to; my truth. I love the fact that I knew two years ago where I wanted to go, I just wasn’t ready, so I wrote what I wanted to publish, then published something more ‘in keeping’ with what I thought readers would want to read. I’m so glad I kept this draft – it reminds me how you should always follow your intuition, your journey will always end up where it is supposed to, with the right lessons learnt along the way.

Here goes – I hope you enjoy 🙂

There are certain challenges that life throws at you and expects you to sink or swim. Like a test, to check you’re listening to you inner wisdom. Cos if you’re detached from your source, you can’t succeed for long – like a plant in a small basin of water, eventually living will suck all your energy and you will die. Wow. That sounds depressing doesn’t it?

When you are connected to your source however, like a kind gardener, your source will drip feed you every nutrient and moisture you need at just the right time. So you never have to want, worry or wonder, for everything you need is in abundance. This means that when the challenges come, you can face them with a clear head – intuitively knowing exactly what needs to be done and how to react.

These challenges are not meant to grind us down, or upset us or make us sick. Instead, they are given to us to remind us to connect to our inner feminine wisdom.

Intuitive knowing and being connected to your source come hand in hand. Once you are connected to your source, there is almost no need to ask the question, as the answer arrives instantaneously, deep inside, in your gut, your heart, your soul – you know and there is no need to question this knowing, for it is always right. At first you may be scared of this knowing, because the answers you receive seem illogical, or take the seemingly harder option, but there is no need to worry or be nervous of the answer, as everything you need to achieve your aim will be provided for you at just the right time. Even difficult routes chosen by your inner knowing are chosen for a reason – there will be some lesson needing to be learnt, something you have to be taught in order to grow and develop as a person and as a soul.

The question popping up for you now might be what is exactly this source I keep talking about? Simply, it is your God, Allah, Buddha, whatever you choose to call it. For the atheists among you though, the theory is this; there has been much scientific evidence in recent years that everything is made up of an energy, and that this energy is present in everything, in actual fact, it appears that everything – you, me, animals, plants, stones, water etc. is made up of the same energy. Studies have shown when water is talked to (yes I did say talked to) nicely, when frozen it forms beautiful crystals whereas when the same water is subjected to abusive language, it forms no discernable pattern when frozen (Dr. Masaru Emoto, ‘The Hidden Messages in Water’, readily available from

So when we tap into the life force, energy or source, we tap into the same energy the whole world is made up of. This gives us such tremendous power – our thoughts influence our perception of reality. So, it is easy to see from this, why our intuitive knowing is so easy when we are connected to our source. How can we possibly be ‘wrong’ when we are working from the centre – the place from which everything is generated from a collective consciousness – from our own thoughts and feelings? Sometimes you may not even be aware where all this is coming from, but it is your deep subconscious – the little bit of you connected to the source, that knows what is best for you. This is what I mean by a collective consciousness. You are not working alone here, you against everyone else in the world, each working for their own success, you are tapping into a collective consciousness, the one source of all the energy and from here your balance and centre will come.

Listening to your inner knowing, your intuition, is not an easy thing to learn initially. Those who practice martial arts, yoga or meditation may find the illusive intuition easier to find as they are used to quieting the mind and listening to their inner voice, but for others it is an acquired skill – one that takes much time and patience. In this modern world where results are wanted straight away, this is a difficult concept for some to grasp but when you take the time to tempt and encourage your inner voice into the outer ear the result will be worth the time taken to get there.

So many of us fall from one day to the next, focused on this or that, stressed about work or family or friends or health that we forget the real reason we are here. Life is for living! It is an old cliché but very true. When we start listening to our inner wisdom, suddenly the stress disappears because we begin to realised we can trust that everything will be OK and happens for a reason. At first this is so difficult. We are conditioned into a mindset of not trusting anyone or anything – think how on edge we must be all the time! It is scary for us to let go, loosen our grip on our lives which we seek to control so rigidly but when we do, when we begin to trust our instincts, we see there is no need to fear anything, the right things will happen at the right time.

Of course this is much easier said than done. Everyone has different belief systems that help them establish their identity and their place in the world. These systems help people connect to their source in their own way. Some pray, some meditate, some do yoga or Reiki and others use Tarot, crystals and other ‘new age’ tools to connect to their inner ‘psychic’. All these methods are valid if the person who uses them gains benefit from them and it genuinely helps them to connect to their source but they are not entirely necessary.

These tools are simply that – tools. They help focus the mind, to quieten it and make it listen to the inner voice, the one that is patiently waiting for you to listen to it. So experiment! Try all the different tools you can, and you may find one that releases your inner voice and your intuition leaps forth with clarity, but even if you just take a couple of minutes each day out of your busy life to sit, close your eyes and let things go, you will discover your source deep within your soul. It does not take much effort – your intuition is already there waiting for you to discover it.