What if we didn’t judge?
What if we gave up trying to understand or figure out or make sense of stuff?
What if we let go of our need to be right, in favour of not knowing?
What if we just accepted that we were unable to know, or understand, or judge, because we will never have all the information, in all directions of time and space?

Try writing down all your judgements / beliefs / thoughts about a situation that is bothering you. Take your time. Look at them all on the page. Do any of them conflict with each other? Do you have any complete, solid evidence for any of them? Something that is unequivocally set in stone and could not possibly be perceived in any other way?

I could be wrong, but I’m guessing a lot of those beliefs and judgements are completely unsubstantiated, make no sense and conflict with each other and in actuality, you really have no idea what the situation means or is for.

This is not an exercise to make you doubt yourself or pull you into more analysis, but a tool to let go. We will never know. Why would we have to? No-one and no situation is responsible for your happiness except you. Release them from that burden. Are these thoughts and assumptions and judgements making you happy? Maybe there is a different way of looking at things. Maybe you are open to being wrong. Maybe being happy is more important than being right?

I’ve found a lot of freedom in holding my hands up and repeating lesson 25 of A Course in Miracles – ‘I do not know what anything is for.’ It brings me a lot of peace. I don’t know. How could I? Why should I? ‘A healed mind does not plan’ (ACIM, W.135), it just tunes into it’s innate intuitive guidance and flows. This feels way more relaxing than trying to understand everything and making ‘good’ choices. I invite you to try it.