Sometimes, people trigger the hell out of me.
Sometimes, when I feel like I’m not getting the authentic person, when I feel like there’s a mask up, I take it personally and feel rejected and alone. I feel hurt that they didn’t trust me enough to be themselves with me.

This is not very “spiritually enlightened”. It is not a representation of what I know to be true.
And, it is sometimes how I feel.

And that’s my lesson. To see the edge. To see where I’m putting up walls instead of loving myself more. To be compassionate with my humaness, and the humaness of others, and be a little bit more open, a little more vulnerable.

How would it change the conversation if we could be a little bit more honest about how we feel and what’s happening for us in the interaction?

If something doesn’t feel loving, there is always fear. If we can call that out and explore it, we can move through it and change our patterns.

Relationships and our interactions are our biggest mirrors and teachers. My role as a counsellor and coach is to help you navigate and learn how to use them to change your patterns and feel more free to be yourself.
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