I had a spiritual counselling session yesterday. Sometimes you just need a little extra self care.

She asked me, if you were to make a prayer from this situation, what would it be?

I said, I would pray for the courage to be vulnerable and open hearted. I would pray for honesty and congruency.

We talked about how the world is our mirror, and our interactions are our teachers, and I realised I’d been triggered by someone mirroring my own lack of authenticity back to me in a particular situation.

So I got off the call, took a big grown up breath, and got courageously vulnerable with my open heart. I stopped censoring myself for the sake of someone else. I let go of the fear of being too much (again).

When you’re honest with yourself, it doesn’t matter what response you get, if any, it matters how you feel being in a place of love instead of fear. Sometimes, you even get a response that is a mirror for your open heart 😍

Set a prayer or intention for whatever situation is triggering you, and allow it to be your teacher. Ask, how can this help me be more / less / learn XYZ?

Approach life with an open heart, nothing was ever hurt by more love❣