Sometimes forgiveness comes really easily to me, othertimes it requires consistent effort – to catch the judgemental thoughts, the times I’m attacking with my mind. So much of what we do is unconscious. It’s not until we decide we want to notice, that we want to feel better, that we begin to pay attention to how much energy we spend in judgement, of ourselves and others. Catching those thoughts, even then ones that don’t feel that bad at all, and letting them go, will leave us with space for love. Space to love ourselves, space to love others, space to be loved. Isn’t that what we all want?

The ACIM premise that if we attack others we feel attacked ourselves cannot be better proven than when you notice how much you judge everyone else, and notice, correspondingly, how often you judge yourself, or how often you feel judged or the need to defend yourself from others.

Yes, it takes practice to be vigilant of your thoughts. Yes, it’s worth it. I will choose love over judgement every time.