There’s a negative connotation that is associated with inconsistency. We seem to think that we have to show up in whatever way consistently in order to do well in whatever we’re trying to do. I also say the same thing to clients with therapy – show up consistently because this creates forward momentum.

However, I think there is also space for inconsistency, without judgement. There is space for us to show up however we can in that moment, without pushing and without force, and know that whilst inconsistency may not get us the results we want, they also give us practice and lived experiences of something different from our current reality.

I’m conscious that life is just a series of moments. We gift ourselves the experience of a moment of peace, and our bodies learn what peace feels like. It makes it easier to find next time. We can build on these moments, consistently or not, and create a reality where there are more peaceful moments than not. The only caveat perhaps, is that we do all of this without judging ourselves (or at least releasing the judgement the moment we become aware of it) for what we think we should be doing, and instead, accepting where we are.