On a purely physical level, fear creates stress. Stress creates inflammation. Inflammation weakens the immune system.

On a spiritual level, ACIM teaches that all healing occurs at the level of the mind. Fear comes from a lack of acceptance of our experience. Peace and holistic wellness comes from a being with what is, doing what we need to do, without attachment or fear of any unknown outcomes. Knowing that all is well.

It is too easy to feel the collective energy of fear and lose ourselves in it. So I am reminded daily of my wellness, and that we are surrounded by love, if we choose to see it. All is well, and exactly as it is supposed to be for our higher learning and consciousness.

When I bring my attention to the still place inside me where I know love is, I can expand that sense of peace outwards and know there is no need to be afraid, and that we are all one. How can we support each other if not through expanding our sense of peace and love out into the world (and supporting our immune system in the process)?

Photo taken at: Uluwatu, Bali, Indonesia

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