It can’t all be perfect.
I can’t have it all.

The stories we tell ourselves define the reality we create for ourselves. They shape the way we see the world and what we allow, or not, into our lives.

I thought I’d well and truly got rid of these two limiting beliefs, but it turns out they were still there…maybe taking another form, maybe under another layer of onion skin, but they were still playing away, stopping me from achieving the next elements of my dreams.

As humans, we are programmed to grow and evolve. Sometimes we resist that and try to keep things the same, but there is always the conflict between growth and stability: potential and safety.

The greatest thing I can do for myself, and for my clients, friends, family and loved ones, is to keep growing: keep pushing myself to look at the parts of me which are stuck, outdated, shameful, scary or ugly, and allow them to be alchemised into growth and light and love.

By continually growing in this way – looking for our shadows, honouring and transmuting them – we allow ourselves to show up more fully in the world, serve to our highest potential, express our happiness in the greatest way possible and love in the biggest way we can. This is how the world changes. This is how it heals. This is how ‘one day’ becomes ‘today

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