I believe in magic. I believe in the inexplicable joining of souls…energies melding and melting into each other….keeping their uniqueness yet blending to create a beautiful synergy……Poetry. In. Motion.

This is what being in relationship means to me. Not the day to day splitting of chores, or romantic conversations shared in the moonlight….No: relationships for me happen in the in between.

They happen in the gap between ‘then’ and ‘now’, between the last kiss and the next text. They exist in the energy that connects you to each other….the energy which makes you think of them, even when they’re a million miles away….the energy that keeps the memories alive from years ago, for years to come.

Yes. Relationship happens in conversation, in interaction, in connection.

It is so much more. It is the life force between you and me. The one that attracts you; pulls you to another like a magnet, even when you have no idea why.
And there is a why. There is always a why. And when we see it, we know…Ah, this. This is why I met you. This is why you came into my life. This is why you were gifted to me. Thank you.

I want you to experience relationships with this much presence. Hell, I want to experience relationships with this much presence – all the time instead of sometimes. I want to experience this with the people my soul is calling to. If that’s you, please apply to spend three months exploring your truth with me in the True You Collective. Applications are open, as am I <3
Photo credit: Ian Schneider via Unsplash

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