Not only am I not my thoughts, I am not my thought system.

Funny how you can know something, and hear the saying a million times and then somehow, it takes on a whole new meaning.

Understanding that I am not my thoughts, and I can observe them, rather than let them consume me or become me, has been something I’ve practised and taught my clients for years, but recently I tagged on an extra bit of awareness: I am neither my thoughts, nor my thought SYSTEM.

There is the separate ego thought system – some people identify this as the fearful self, the wounded inner child, the protector, the warrior and other archetypes. There is also the true self, the connected self, the one self, the higher self or your intuition.

It’s not my higher self that thinks the unhelpful or painful thoughts, it’s my ego. I am not my ego. The ego is a thought system that exists and has developed over time but I can choose whether to identify with it or not. I just have to remember that I am not the ego.

I am not separate. I am not alone. I am not attacked. I am loving, I am kind and I am one with all.