I am not here to be right. I am not here to make my version of the world better than yours. It makes no difference to me how you see the world, or yourself within it. What matters, maybe, is how we choose to see ourselves and the world: if we choose to see ourselves with compassion, and love, or hatred and fear.

And maybe there were times when I fell foul of my ego, and tried to make myself right, to make myself feel better. And maybe all it achieved was to make me feel bad, for putting you down.

I choose to see with love. I choose not to let my ego dictate the rules of my happiness, by somehow deciding that making me right and you wrong, somehow makes me better.

I choose love. I choose compassion. I choose freedom and joy in the diversity of opinions and thoughts. I choose growth over stagnation and sameness. I choose expansion over contraction

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