If you’re feeling stuck, tired, like you’re walking up a really steep slope or like what you want seems a really long way away, there’s a good chance you’re ‘howing’ instead of allowing. I know this because I spend a good deal of my life fighting and resisting the Universe instead of allowing it to guide me and do it’s thing.

Here’s what happens when you ‘how’:

  • You focus on the reasons why something can or can’t come to fruition
  • You spend ages trying to work out the logistics of your plan
  • You research all the pitfalls of your plan, so you ‘know the risks’ and can consider all your options
  • Things feel like really hard work
  • Sometimes it can feel scary, because you know what could go ‘wrong’
  • Just when you think you’ve sorted one problem, another pops up for you to deal with
  • You do pro and con lists and look at things logically, rather than trusting your gut instinct
  • You second guess yourself All.The.Time.

Here’s what happens when you allow:

  • You consciously surrender your ideas to the Universe, trusting that it (or something better) will be taken care of
  • You look for clues, signs or synchronicities nudging you towards a particular course of action or conversation with someone
  • You stay present and ENJOY each moment
  • You lean towards joy. Whenever something doesn’t feel good, you recalibrate and redirect yourself towards something that does
  • Things start to just ‘flow’ – people come into your life with just the right connections or skills you need, opportunities present themselves out of the blue and people’s behaviour or attitudes change before your very eyes
  • It feels easy. In fact, it feels so easy you might start to doubt that it can really be this easy, and that maybe something is about to go very wrong (this is the ego talking and trying to knock you off track – ignore it and keep allowing)
  • You feel less stressed; because it’s not all on you to figure stuff out – you feel led or called to take the action you do
  • Your friends ask what your secret to happiness is, because you seem to have it all tied up!

It’s not as difficult as it seems. Surrender your plans to the Universe (literally, turn your palms up and say, “I give up trying to control everything Universe / God / Buddha / Allah / O Wise One and leave it in your hands. Please guide me towards love.”). Say it every time you feel yourself trying to grip on to something or control something. I surrender and allow. I surrender and allow. I surrender and allow…..

Here are just some of the things that happened for me when I started doing this:

  • I found my dream home
  • My business grew from nothing to virtually fully booked
  • I got a job offer from an amazing mentor
  • I made loads of new friends
  • Money appeared from really unexpected sources
  • I felt (and feel) peaceful and happy

Has this post piqued your interest? Is this stuff new to you but you’d like to know more? If this is a topic which you want to know more about shoot me an email or leave a comment below and I’ll expand on it in future posts 🙂