When you’re a counsellor, coach or therapist it’s always a good idea to have your own counsellor, coach or therapist. It’s what they call ‘best practice’. You keep working on yourself, and it shows you believe in the benefits of what you do for a living.

I see a lovely lady called Patricia once a week who calls me out on my sh*&, makes me do awkward ’empty chair’ exercises I don’t like and generally pushes me to see and accept every part of me, even the ugly bits.

I’ve been working with her for about eight months and in that time my whole life has turned around. I won’t bore you with the details but it’s unrecognisable. I was talking to Patricia about it on Thursday in our session and how everything felt very different.

There are two ways to create change, just like there are two ways to live your life: through brute force, pushing and fighting for your place, or in flow, trusting the Universe to look after you.

I talk about being in flow a lot but it was only sitting with Patricia this week that I realised how different it can be. Even though the last five years or so having been moving me closer to my dreams, it’s only been in the last six months or so that I’ve really learned to trust and let go and things have started moving along at breakneck speed.

When you’re out of flow, it feels like you have to work at life. If you’re depending on your own strength, as A Course in Miracles says, it’s a surefire sign that you’re out of alignment with the Universe. Depending on your own strength means you’re ignoring the infinite strength and power of the Universe, in favour of your one little body. Sounds like a dumb thing to do right? Don’t worry, most of us, including myself, do it all the time, and a lot of us are completely unconscious about it.

I’ve been sat here this morning trying to work out the best way to teach you how to let go and trust, but I don’t think it’s something you can necessarily teach sadly. It’s a process, and one that I can certainly guide you on, but it’s also personal and at some point you slip into to the water and realise that it was warm and safe all along as you lie back and bob along towards your dreams.

What I can do, is give you the tools to learn to trust more.

1. Learn to see when you’re depending on your own strength – does something feel hard, stressful or too much effort? You’re definitely out of flow.

2. When you know you’re out of flow and not trusting, step back and look for the lesson – what is the situation trying to teach you. Accept the lesson grateful and ask for help to clear the blocks (check out my chakra clearing meditation if you want help)

3. Next, let go. If you’re stuck with something, meditation on it and release it to the Universe. Be willing to trust. You cannot control the outcome of anything so instead of fighting, embrace the uncertainty and instead trust that whatever happens is happening for you.

I’m going to be posting a specific meditation at some point over the next month to really help release your worries and learn to trust in the Universe so if you’ve not subscribed to my You Tube Channel, head over and do that now.

When you trust and release, everything feels completely different. Being able to start your day without worry, feeling confident in yourself and what’s happening for you, allows you to be open to all the opportunities and possibilities that will appear for you. I have been given such great gifts recently as a result of being more open and trusting. Not all I can talk about right now but I will share them soon!

Do you struggle to trust and let go? Leave me a comment or head over to my Facebook page and I’ll answer any questions you have 🙂

Photo credit: Luis Poletti


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