Do you ever feel like life is just getting a little bit too hard? Like you REALLY want to know what the secret is that all these successful, happy people seem to have that you don’t?

I know that feeling. That feeling that creeps in and let’s you know that it would almost be OK if you just gave up and stopped trying. Maybe escaping to a Bhuddist monastery somewhere and living off the land wouldn’t be so bad. At least then you wouldn’t be worrying about where to find the perfect flat black suede over the knee boots and how to pay for them (#firstworldproblems).

The problem with giving up is that it feels wrong on some level. It goes against our survival instinct. The instinct that tells us that somewhere, deep down, we have potential and we can do great things.

Here’s what I’ve learned – we do have potential and can do great things, but the way to do them isn’t by continuing to fight, it’s by doing the completely counter-intuitive thing of surrending.

Surrendering is a scary word. It’s synonomous with giving up, giving in and failure. No-one likes to fail.

What if surrender meant to make things easier, to stop fighting against reaching your potential and allowing something far greater than yourself to support you in achieving your ultimate goals – peace and happiness?

Would that make surrender an easier pill to swallow?

My life as it stands involves me waking up everyday and asking my intuition, higher power, God, Universe or whatever you want to call it, ‘Where would you have me go, what would you have me do, what would you have me say and to whom?’ I wait for the answer, and I go do that. I look out for synchronicities and opportunities and gratefully receive them when they inevitably arrive. When I feel myself getting agitated or anxious I repeat my mantra, ‘I forgive myself and I choose to see this differently.’

My only goal each day is to follow my joy and spread love.

You must think all this time working from home has made me bats*&t crazy (British term). Run my life off some whimsical notion I ‘hear’ from a higher power each morning – WTF?!!

Here’s a brief summary of what’s happened in my life since I’ve surrendered to the realisation that life is far easier and better if I stop relying on my own strength and instead trust in a greater, collective strength (Jung had this stuff nailed years ago):

  1. Was able to quit part time job and coach and counsel fabulous people full time.
  2. Moved back to the North – spending as much time as I like with my family.
  3. Got a puppy.
  4. Decided to move to Italy.
  5. Made a tonne of amazing friends who totally ‘get’ my woo woo side.

That’s just a brief list, but, long story short, I’ve made my dreams a reality. I LOVE my life and I wake up every morning peaceful and happy. Isn’t that ultimately what we all want?

Stop thinking that you need a certain job, a certain partner, a certain amount of money in the bank or a certain car to be happy. Let your only goal to BE happy, and be open to whatever that might look like for you. When we surrender the ‘how’ and focus only on the BEING, miracles happen. It’s certainly not giving up, it’s allowing 🙂


I’m Emma Brooke. I work with beautiful, intelligent, compassionate and spiritual ladies who have somehow stepped away from their true selves and aren’t entirely sure how to get themselves back again. In my signature program, I take you step by step over an eight week period from overwhelm and emotional numbness to self-assured and guilt-free – knowing what you want, what you need and how you can make yourself and those you love feel fulfilled and complete. Find out more about what I offer.