There was something, aside from the practical help people offered, that felt just as precious: the being there, the allowing of her, and all her feelings, to just be, and be held.

To be allowed to cry, or feel in whatever way she needed, and not be told that everything was going to be ok, or given the best options for how to not feel that way anymore, this was precious.

For how often is it, we meet people who are comfortable enough with themselves to sit with our uncomfortableness, and give it space, without trying to stop it or change it into some more manageable for them?
If you have a friend in need, listen to them. Ask them what they need. Let them cry. Don’t tell them it’ll be ok or to dry their eyes or try to fix things. Tell them you’re there for them. Ask them what they’d like, and listen to the answer.

P.s. I’m ALL GOOD, I just felt like sharing this today

Photo taken at: Portugal

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