There have been a couple of occasions recently when I’ve really had to challenge myself to remember that we are all part of the same universal energy, that somewhere inside each one of us, is the other.

I totally get this is a weird concept for about 90% of the population, but every day, as more and more people are called to open up to a more spiritual side, this percentage lessens. With it, I hope, the violence we see happen towards each other will also lessen.

I’m not going to lie, there are some people who, despite my very best efforts, I struggle to get on with. They annoy me with their inability to see MY perspective, or to listen to what I’M saying when I know I’M right. I then get frustrated with myself that THEY have the ability to bring out this side of me. Sound familiar?

We all lapse into these loops with certain people. The Celestine Prophecy (my favourite book ever) explains this by the way we’ve learned to get energy as a child. If you think of each interaction as an energetic exchange, the less enlightened among us (myself included) sometimes forget we have an infinite source of energy from the Universe, and instead try to steal it from other people when we interact with them. In Transactional Analysis, it’s know as lapsing in to a Parent or Child state.

Next time you are having a conversation with someone, notice what’s going on – are they trying to make you feel small or stupid to take your energy, are you playing the victim to try to gain sympathy, are you distancing yourself from the situation by being aloof so the other person will question you more, or do you question non-stop to try to get information out of the other person? You’ll often find that ‘Poor me’ and ‘Intimidators’ go together and ‘Aloof’ and ‘Interrogators’ go together in these exchanges. Until one of you breaks the spell it could go on forever.

Breaking the spell is what A Course in Miracles defines as the Miracle. It’s simply a shift in perspective from fear to love. The fear is the feeling that we need to try to take energy from another person, that there isn’t enough love for us all to go around. Love is accepting that the other person, in that moment, isn’t as conscious as us to what’s going on and instead of entering in to the energy war, simply sending them love.

If you’ve never tried this you definitely should. It’s actually quite weird how you can freak someone out by sending them love. Just imagine sending a wonderful white light from your heart straight into theirs. Ask for them to receive all the love they need and then answer from that place, instead of a place of fear that you are being attacked in some way.

Very often, the person who was interrogating you or complaining how much of a victim they were will shift immediately and the conversation will take a completely different direction. Sometimes they’re not ready to receive the unconditional love and will get scared and end the conversation. That’s OK too.

Remember always that everyone is on their own journey and wherever you are, isn’t any better or any more special that where they are. Accept them exactly where they are. We are just in one moment and in this one moment we are all connected. Bring others up to your energetic vibration when you can, because it will help us all, and hope that someone will do the same for you.


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