So, this law of attraction business – how long do you have to be ‘thinking positively’ about a situation before it becomes manifest?

My answer, from my experience this week –


I realised this week a few things happen from time to time that make us fall in to that trap of thinking negatively, before you know it you’re in that vicious cycle and need to snap yourself out to create a better reality.

But I always wondered, whilst they say it’s quicker to create positive stuff than negative, how quick is quick? How much time would it take thinking about something negative to manifest that?

So anyway…I did a little (not remotely scientific) test of my own, quite by accident, and found out. Click on the video below to find out the outcome.

P.S. This is my first vlog, I’m wearing no make up, the lighting isn’t great and half way through there’s a big gust of wind…but hey…we’re all friends right? So be nice 🙂


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