Are you OK? How are you really?

I’ve had more conversations and ‘I’m concerned about [insert person’s name here]’ with people I care about this week than I have in a long time. I’m seeing people admitting they’re not OK, confide in me about wanting to or actually hurting themselves, heavy drinkers drinking even more than normal and recreational drug takers recognising their desire to use as a way to get away from what they’re feeling. I’ve been reaching out in my support network for even more support than usual because, well, these are unprecedented times and my mental wellness is essential for my….mental wellness?? (and obviously my work). And yet, I had an interview with week with @Coacharya (my coaching school), where we talked about how mental health is still so stigmatised that people still find it hard say when they’re not OK.

Sometimes they have a handy friend (ahem) who they know is totally OK with confessions of uncontrollable crying, numbing out, self-destructive substance / alcohol abuse, and sometimes when they finally say I’m not OK, they realise they’ve been holding it in for weeks, but didn’t know how to name it or what to do with it, and it feels like such a relief to admit it.

So this is my little PSA to myself and you, that your mental health is important, and just because everyone is going through difficult times right now, you are also entitled to your feelings, they are also valid, and it’s definitely OK to ask for support and to say you’re not OK if you’re not

Photo taken at: Portugal

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