What’s highest and best for me, is highest and best for all, because we are all one.

If you ever struggle with people pleasing, or the idea that if you do what you want or need, it will hurt or upset someone else, getting your head around this concept will drastically improve your peace of mind.

On an ego level, our actions can undoubtedly upset others. We can be upset by others’ actions. It’s how the ego works to keep us separate and afraid.

If we acknowledge that we are all part of the same one consciousness and energy, and approach things from that level, it gets much easier. If we’re all one, and I really tune into my higher self / intuition / higher guidance and it feels like I need to take a particular action, that action cannot but be for the best for all, because there is only one. If we’re all one, how can it be good for one but bad for another? It’s like saying this leaf of the tree likes direct sunlight but this other leaf will die if it gets direct sunlight. It’s the same tree – what’s good for one leaf is good for the whole tree.

We can also flip this. If we see someone doing something they feel they need to do for them (from a space of love rather than fear or ego), we can be upset about it if we want (coming from our ego or fear space), but we can also recognise that if it’s good for them, on some level (perhaps out of our awareness), it’s good for us too, even if we can’t see why right now.