There is grey here. There are so many unknowns and my brain just wants to be pointed in a direction with a clear goal and told to go. Run with it. Go ‘do’. And yet, here we are, in the grey. Where there is no alignment in one particular direction, and where creating boundaries and fences and rules for myself won’t help my fundamental uncomfortableness with this situation.

Here, is an invitation to sit. To not do. To not constrict, and restrict, but to expand, to create opportunity, to allow more in, rather than block more out.

Here is where we meet the grey.
Here is where we make our choice – to run, or to stay.

To choose the unknown with an open heart, and ask it what is has to teach us, or to run blindly away and hope we already know best.

I am choosing to stay. I am choosing to sit with the grey and see what happens. I want to know what it has to teach me. Do you?

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