She knew that there was a balance to be found between the familiarity of routine and comfort: the safety of her own boundaries, and the freedom that she needed to explore and follow her flow.

Too much freedom, and she felt washed away by choice and desire and meaningless frivolities. Too many boundaries or routine and she felt stifled and trapped. There was a middle ground, where commitment to supporting herself compassionately created a safety net within which she was free to play and challenge the limits of her own understanding and experience.

It was a constant invitation to lean in, and pull back. A practice in parenting oneself in the same way parents create boundaries for children so they can explore the full extent of their worlds without fear of getting lost in the process. Maybe there was no ‘right’ way to do it, but more a continual re-calibration of tuning in and listening to the whispers of truth within her, guiding her to whatever was meant for her next.